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Curling club commemorates bicentenary

LOCHMABEN Castle Curling Club is very fortunate to hold a full set of minute books dating from 1823 which record in wonderful detail the accounts of meetings and games played in the early days of curling on outdoor frozen lochs

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By Zac Hannay
Curling club commemorates bicentenary
WREATH LAYING . . . members of Lochmaben Castle Curling Club pictured, left to right, Lynne Longmore, club president Rena Hastings and vice president Tom Smith

Although curling was well established prior to this date, the first official meeting to formally institute the Lochmaben Curling Society was held on December 22 1823 in Lochmaben Town Hall.

At this meeting a committee of ten named men were appointed to assist the president in ‘drawing up articles and regulations for behoof of the society during the ensuing ice campaigns’.

A set of formal rules and regulations for the society was subsequently agreed.

Sir James Broun, 7th Baronet of Colstounpark (1768-1844), of Mayfield, was the first president, and held the role for eight consecutive seasons.

His father, the Reverend Richard Broun, 6th Baronet of Colstoun (1729-1781), was minister in Lochmaben from 1765 to 1781.

The 8th Baronet of Colstoun, Sir Richard Broun, was secretary of the Lochmaben Curling Society for the 1829/30 season and was the author of Memorabilia Curliana Mabenensia, published in 1830.

The publication gives a historical account of the curling fraternity, exploits and associated curling matters prevailing in the early 19th century, most particular to the curlers of Lochmaben.

To mark the actual bicentenary anniversary date, members from the LCCC committee gathered in remembrance last Friday, December 22, to show respect and gratitude to those remarkable men of Lochmaben who embraced the historic Scottish sport of curling. They laid a wreath on the Broun family headstone situated within the Lochmaben old cemetery overlooking the Kirk Loch.

To further mark the anniversary, a celebratory bonspiel and dinner will be held on January 26 at the Lockerbie Ice Rink.


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