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Curious case of the missing moggy

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Curious case of the missing moggy

A HUNT is on for a cat from Annan - unwittingly driven away and now lost somewhere in Dumfries.

Curious moggie Django is believed to have jumped into an open works van parked in Longmeadow Avenue, which then closed its doors and drove off.
Concerned owner Jean Stewart, who is offering a £100 reward, said: “He jumped into a van and was taken away to Georgetown in Dumfries.”
She added: “Somebody in Georgetown put a picture up on Facebook, and it’s my cat.”
And Jean has been making daily trips to Dumfries, searching high and low for Django with the help of the Cats Protection – but so far without success.
The black cat went missing last Monday, and Jean said: “He’s usually there in the afternoon for his tea.
“I went out and I shouted on him, and there was nothing. All Monday night we were round about looking for him and shouting.
“But on the Tuesday night somebody had put a picture on Facebook of him – they’d found him in their shed.”
Jean says the woman in Rowanbank Road in Georgetown tried to catch Django.
She said: “She tried to get him into a cat basket to take him to Cats Protection, but he got out and ran away.
“I’ve been up every day shouting on him. I’m not getting anywhere. I’ve put posters up.
“And there’s no sightings of him, nothing. It’s very frustrating; I’m worried sick about him.”
Jean is in no doubt that the cat is Django, discovering the works van near to where he was found in Dumfries.
Urging workmen to check for animals before closing up their works vans, she said: “Whether the man saw him coming out of the van, I don’t know, but I’m just desperate to get him back.”
Describing Django, she added: “He’s all black, with a white bit on his chest, and he’s got four wee white paws. He’s about three or four years old; I’ve had him since he was a kitten.”

Annan and Eskdale

24th May

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24