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Cowabunga! Who battered the Beltie?

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By Fiona Reid
Cowabunga! Who battered the Beltie?

DAMAGE to a lifesize cut-out cow designed to promote tourism in Moffat has left local residents dismayed.

The PVC Belted Galloway was placed in Station Park last week ahead of this year’s virtual Royal Highland Agricultural Show, of which Dumfries and Galloway is the host region.

But just days after it arrived, the Beltie was discovered with a chunk ripped-off its back end.

Taking to social media, many speculated the incident was a malicious act of ‘mindless vandalism’, with Gina Hurt calling it “disgusting” and “totally unbelievable”.

Donna Eddleston wrote she’d “wondered how long that would last”.

However, others were quick to point out that the damage could have come as a result of a stray football in the park.

Jim Redfearn commented: “It would only take a hit with a ball to break it. It might just have been a daft accident and let’s face it, kids sometimes just do daft things.”

Furthermore, Chloé Dudgeon criticised those assuming that local youngsters were responsible, saying: “It could also have been intoxicated adults!”

Meanwhile, Moffat Community Council chair, Leys Geddes, called it a “real shame” and said that fears of the cow falling victim to antisocial behaviour led him to position it “in full view and near the cameras”.

Mr Geddes, who has since glued the broken piece back on, added: “It’s made out of Foamalux, one of the leading brands of foam PVC sheet. It has a reputation for quality performance and is ‘quite a strong material, designed for outdoor displays’. It’s also recyclable.”

However, he admitted he “can’t disagree that it might just have been involved in accident”.

Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage of the incident and have urged anyone with information to contact PC John Cowan by calling 101 or emailing [email protected].


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