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Couple hide in hotel room after attack

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Couple hide in hotel room after attack

A LOCKERBIE woman and her boyfriend hid terrified in their Tunisian hotel room while a gunman shot down 38 people just two minutes away.

Trainee primary teacher Kathryn Sword, 21, and Danny Crabb, from Norfolk, were halfway throughatwo week stay at the Port El Kantanoui resort when the terrorist attack happened last Friday.

She said: “We were laying by the pool when another resident came and told us that there had been a terrorist attack down at the beach.

“We went straight up to our room and stayed there all day. All we could hear were sirens and helicopters flying overhead.

“We were terrified, we were so close, they could have came to our hotel next.”

Kathryn managed to send a text to her family before calling them later in the evening.

She said: “My family were terrified, they wanted us home as soon as possible.”

The couple managed to get an emergency flight home earlier this week.

Former Lockerbie Academy student Kathryn revealed they did have reservations prior to their trip: “We tried to cancel or switch destinations as we had both seen various news articles warning it wasn’t safe and the last thing we wanted to do was risk our lives.”

But she has vowed that she will not let the horror experience stop her from travelling — although she will never return to Tunisia.

And she added: “We are so thankful that we had each through this and just so happy we got home safe.”

Read the full story in the week’s Annandale Herald, out now.

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