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Councillor ready to ‘quit’ Scotland over race claim

By Rod Edgar
Councillor ready to ‘quit’ Scotland over race claim

A CHINESE-born former SNP councillor has warned she may be forced to quit Scotland and seek asylum in another country due to ongoing abuse.

Councillor Yen Hongmei Jin — newly appointed chairwoman of Dumfries and Galloway
Multicultural Association — has spoken out after police refused to take further action over an email she describes as ‘racist’.
Raising the question herself, the now independent councillor said: “Do I still feel safe in Scotland? If I pursue the case any further, I may have to claim asylum elsewhere because of my political situation. I don’t feel safe anymore for myself and my family.”
The Lochar Ward councillor quit the SNP in August, claiming party bosses failed to protect her from discrimination.
It also followed her unhappiness after not being chosen as an SNP candidate in next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.
Councillor Jin, 29, complained to police after receiving what she describes as a ‘racist’ communication from a local SNP party member in February.
And she says it is just one example of abuse she has suffered on Facebook, including someone challenging that she had ‘no birthright’ to stand for the SNP.
Councillor Jin has lived in Scotland for over 14 years, and said: “Everybody in Scotland
shows compassion, but as soon as you try to become one of them, who’s going to be in a decision-making level, you’re no longer welcome anymore.”
She added: “You’re the footsoldier for them, you do all the hard work for them, you’re praised and everything, but as soon as you want to challenge the powerhouse they will make up any story to pull you down.”
Responding, a spokesman for Police Scotland said: “The case is now closed as no criminality was found after investigation.”

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