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Council results in full

By Fiona Reid
Council results in full

THE votes have been counted and Dumfries and Galloway has 43 new councillors.

And they are 16 Conservatives, 11 SNP, 9 Labour, 6 Independents and 1 Lib Dem.

Discussions will now take place over the weekend as to which party, or parties, will form the next administration to run the council.

Voter turnout was low across the region, averaging just under 50 per cent, with the highest in Dee and Glenkens (53.9%) and the lowest in North West Dumfries (39.3%).

Results (candidates in alphabetical order):

Annandale East and Eskdale: Karen Carruthers (Con); Archie Dryburgh (Lab); and Denis Male (Indep)

Annandale North: Lynne Davis (Con); Gail MacGregor (Con); Stephen Thompson (SNP); and Carolyne Wilson (Lab).

Annandale South: Richard Brodie (Lib Dem); Ian Carruthers (Con); George. Jamieson (SNP); and Sean Marshall (Lab).

Nith: John Campbell (SNP); Malcolm Johnstone (Con); David Slater (Indep); Keith Walters (Lab).

Lochar: Linda Durwood (Lab); Ivor Hislop (Con); Maureen Johnstone (Con); and Tracey Little (SNP).

Mid and Upper Nithsdale: Tony Berretti (SNP); Jim Dempster (Indep); Andrew Wood (Con).

North West Dumfries: Graham Bell (Con); Andy Ferguson (SNP); Emma Jordan (Lab); Paula Stevenson (Lab).

Abbey: Ian Blake (Con); Kim Lowe (SNP); David Stitt (Lab).

Castle Douglas and Crocketford: Pauline Drysdale (Con); Ian Howie (Indep); John Young (SNP).

Dee and Glenkens: Dougie Campbell (Indep); John Denerley (Con); Andy McFarlane (SNP).

Mid Galloway and Wigtown West: Katie Hagmann (SNP); David Inglis (Con); Jackie McCamon (Con); and Sandy Whitelaw (Lab).

Stranraer and the Rhins: Ben Dashper (SNP); Andrew Giusti (Con); Chrissie Hill (Con); and Willie Scobie (indep).


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