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Council future leaders identified

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By Fiona Reid
Council future leaders identified

TALENTED individuals within the 6500-strong workforce of Dumfries and Galloway Council will be given opportunities to become “future leaders”, it has been confirmed.

Amid concerns that bureaucracy and department politics may result in some workers being overlooked for top positions they could excel in, Lochar Councillor Ivor Hyslop sought assurances that steps are being taken to give young and talented employees a chance with key roles.

This comes at the same time a council workforce survey revealed that only 43 percent of respondents are satisfied with their career development working for the local authority.

As the council’s workforce action plan for 2024-25 was discussed at the economy and resources committee, Councillor Hyslop said: “Sometimes people get to the stage they need to apply because they’ve been in a job long enough, and they’re good at their job so they should make the next step up.

“But being good at your job doesn’t always make you a good manager. A great footballer doesn’t always make a great coach.”

He then referred to a leadership development model within the council workforce action plan, and asked if it would also give opportunities to employees in the background in departments.

Councillor Hyslop said: “Sometimes people who are not at a level that would attract attention are the people we need as future leaders for our organisation.”

Lynne Patterson, the council’s organisational development business partner, responded: “Yes, our leadership framework and accessible leadership development opportunities will be available in many different formats. They’ll be accessible at all levels to employees throughout the council.

“There will be a planned approach to this, and as part of our people planning, we will be developing career pathways which will allow employees to see what they will need to achieve to reach the next step in their career.

“We would always comply with equal opportunities, so roles would always be advertised. But what we can do is go some way to ensuring that staff have the opportunities to upskill and develop – to allow them to compete for opportunities that become available.”

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19th May

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