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Common Good Land sales need wider advertising

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By Marc McLean, local democracy reporter
Common Good Land sales need wider advertising

THE sale of pieces of common good land in the region should be more widely advertised by Dumfries and Galloway Council, it was argued last week.

Councillors Andy Ferguson and John Campbell insisted that more steps should be taken, such as advertising in local newspapers, to fully inform the public.

It comes after Dumfries Common Good Fund sub-committee last week agreed to flog a 40 sq m chunk of common good land at Craigs Road in Dumfries to Scottish Power Energy Networks.

Nith Councillor John Campbell asked about getting it announced and was told current practice is for a notice to be placed on a lamppost for eight weeks in the vicinity of the land.

Committee chairman Councillor Andy Ferguson said: “We should start to advertise a bit more widely because to expect people to see a sign on a lamppost about a piece of land doesn’t to me seem to be engaging with the public — on whose behalf we are administering this piece of land.

“I’m wondering if we could look at how we advertise common good land when it’s come up for sale. For example, do we say it should be in local newspapers at least once, as well as the notices being put up?

“I think it would be a better way of letting the public know just exactly what we’re intending on doing with their land.”

Council officer Colin Freeman said he’d be happy to engage with his colleagues about future advertising.


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