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Claims that drivers risk lives at traffic hotspot

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By Lewis Irons
Dumfries and West
Claims that drivers risk lives at traffic hotspot

PEDESTRIANS are at risk of being seriously injured by the number of drivers jumping traffic lights on St Michael Street in Dumfries.

And one lucky walker has recounted how she narrowly avoided being hit by an impatient motorist last week.
Claire Roberts, from Kingholm Quay, regularly walks, cycles or jogs to work and has witnessed similar incidents on several occasions – but when she was nearly hit herself she eventually decided to phone the police.
The 40-year-old said: “I nearly got run over last week and it’s not the first time either. The number of people running red lights is appalling.
“I’ve seen a girl with a pram have to stop in the middle of the road and so many kids use those crossings because of the two schools nearby.”
She added: “Something’s going to happen – the drivers are lawless.”
Claire described the groups of school kids who talk and laugh in groups and wait for the green man assuming it’s safe.
She said: “They’re right to feel they’re safe when it’s a green man, but honestly they’re not.
“All the police have to do is go and sit down there – especially at nine o’clock in the morning or five o’clock at night – and the number of fines they’d rack up would be incredible.
“It seems low on their priority list, but it won’t be if something bad happens.”
Councillor Andy Ferguson said: “Drivers who put their own interest first risk not only themselves but others, including school children.”
He added: “Road safety campaigns over the years have highlighted the need for allowing good time to travel and I would suggest that this is an area of traffic law enforcement which should be acted on by Police Scotland.”


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