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Christmas card shake up

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By Fiona Reid
Christmas card shake up

MY first Christmas card dropped through the door this week and I'm planning to write mine this weekend.

However, I see some of my friends, neighbours and acquaintances won’t be sending them this year, posting seasonal greetings instead on Facebook or pledging to give to charity.

And I read recently that the tradition is dying out with fewer young people than ever sending cards.

It’s an odd custom really and probably does need a shake up. For example, what’s the point of sending cards to your workmates? You sit next to them every day so just wish them a Merry Christmas instead (hint, hint fellow reporters…)

A Belgian friend of mine scratches her head about our insistence on sending cards to everyone we know. Over there, they reserve them for those they don’t see very much and that makes much more sense to me. I enjoy writing cards for my university pals/cousins/schoolfriends who are scattered all over the country and globe and including a few lines of news or a picture of the kids – and I like to receive theirs back too.

But, I’m not particular fussed if hubby sends me a card, in fact I’d rather he spent that time sourcing me the perfect pressie!

And then there’s the etiquette – do I still send a card to those who have publicly declared they are ‘not doing’ cards this year? Given it’s the season of goodwill, is a card all about the sending rather than receiving?

Furthermore this year, I’m resolving to stand by my guns and won’t be found hastily scribbling a card to someone that’s just given me one, yet wasn’t on my list . . . however awkward I feel!

(ps – Just in case I forget you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!)








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