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Chris tells how chats with spirits led to TV show role

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By Fiona Reid
Chris tells how chats with spirits led to TV show role

FOR as long as he can remember, Moffat medium Chris Conway has been communicating with people from beyond the grave.

Medium Chris’s ability to see and communicate with spirits has even seen him appear on popular Sky TV show Most Haunted.
Discussing his rare abilities, Chris said: “I have been a medium as far back as I can remember.”
While living in a flat in Glasgow, Chris’s parents caught him chatting away alone in his empty bedroom.
A six-year-old Chris told them he had been speaking to an old man with an unusual name, and a smiling lady.
His parents laughed off the incident, believing their son had an invisible friend.
Shortly after, while talking to an elderly neighbour, his parents discovered that the old man and the smiling lady fit the description of the flat’s previous tenants.
Chris said: “For the next few years life returned to normal and I grew up a normal cheeky little boy.
“I still had my ‘invisible friends’, which by this point were more like an invisible army.
“I tried to mention it to people whilst growing up, however, I would always be met with a look of horror. This would lead to me laughing it off and saying I was only joking.
“This became normality for me all the way through my teenage years.”
Since his teens Chris, who has lived in Moffat for six years, has done readings for people and attended houses to investigate paranormal activity.
He said: “I never charged as it was something I enjoyed. To be honest, I also worried that if I started charging people for my services I may lose my gift.”
In 2007 Chris says he ‘stumbled’ into TV work.
Chris had appeared on TV doing charity paranormal work.
As chance would have it the director of the Sky TV show ‘Most Haunted’ was watching and impressed he initially contracted Chris for three shows.
Producers decided to keep Chris on as a resident medium, a role he kept for several years.
Reflecting on life has a medium, he said: “I think the main thing it has done is allow me to live a life with no fear of death.
“I live every day and appreciate who and what I am.”
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