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Chloe’s song aims to inspire mental health sufferers

By Fiona Reid
Chloe’s song aims to inspire mental health sufferers

A MENTAL health awareness campaigner from the area has penned and recorded an emotional song about her own experiences.

In 2014, Chloe Kacedan reached over 2 million people when her video about her own battle with mental health illnesses went viral.

Chloe, 26, from Lochmaben, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, PTSD and depression eight years ago in her teens.

And this month she has shared her first song, ‘This Time’, with the world hoping it will help others.

She said: “I wrote this song when I was at one of my lowest points. It’s about never giving up, no matter how bad things get.”

She added: “My main goal for getting my song out there was to inspire people through the lyrics and show people that if I can do it then anyone can.”

Gifted singer Chloe has dabbled in songwriting before but felt compelled to professionally record ‘This Time’.

She said: “It’s not the first song I’ve ever written. I’ve written a few songs prior to this one, but this was the first one I’ve ever fully completed.

“The most meaningful lyrics are definitely ‘Where there’s life, there’s hope’ —Ijust find this statement extremely powerful. “Going toarecording studio is something that I’ve wanted to do sinceIcompleted the song.

“I knew they’d be able to make it soundagreat deal better than I ever could on the piano alone.”

She added: “The reception has been amazing, from the lovely people at the studio to the wonders of social media.

“It’s lovely to hear that someone can relate to something you’ve written and it offers them a sense of comfort and hope.”

As well as sharing her first song, Chloe is also working on a book, ‘Mental Health: An Unhealthy Stigma’, and is busy trying to set up a weekly support group and is looking for volunteers to come forward and help.

She said: “I’m looking for volunteers to help out onceaweek, it can be anyone, but I’m also looking for someone to volunteer their venue for an hour or so every week.”

■ If you can help Chloe by offering up a safe place to hold support meetings please email Amanda Kennedy at [email protected] to be put in touch.


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