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Chloe reaches out with new support group

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By Fiona Reid
Chloe reaches out with new support group

A MENTAL health campaigner is setting up a new local support group as she aims to create a space for those suffering in silence.

Lochmaben lass Chloe Kacedan, 26, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, PTSD and depression eight years ago in her teens.

In 2014 she reached over2million people when her video about her own battle with mental health illnesses went viral.

Since then she’s started writing a book and even penned a song, titled ‘This Time’, in a bid to raise awareness.

And next week Chloe’s twoyear-long dream of setting up a local informal support group will be realised.

She said: “For a while now I’ve felt as though there needs to be a greater outlet for people who are struggling within our community.

“Whilst many people are receiving professional help, there are still people out there who have absolutely no support network whatsoever.

“Many of these people are crying out for help, but aren’t being given any due to the strain on the NHS and lack of funding for mental health facilities.”

She added: “A lot of people feel more comfortable talking to those who have a genuine understanding of what they’re going through and would prefer to come to a group like this rather than seek professional support.

“This is why I believe that an informal group will provide that opportunity for people to come together and hopefully allow people to meet and engage with others who have gone through the same/similar experiences and to hopefully allow them to feel less alone and isolated.”

Urging people to come along, she said: “It’s important for me that people remember that this is an informal group, nobody has to say anything they don’t want to say.

“If people come along and decide after five minutes or so that the group isn’t for them, then they are more than welcome to leave. Or again if it gets too much, then there is absolutely no pressure on anybody to stay.

“The last thing I want is for people to feel uncomfortable. The aim of the group is to allow people to feel safe and supported within their own community and to have that outlet they can go to every week. It’s important to remember that we are all there for the same reason.”

Chloe eventually aims to roll out groups across the area, “so that fewer and fewer people are made to feel isolated and alone”.

The first support group takes place on Thursday at Lochmaben Church at 6.30 pm but Chloe had stressed people can come for as long as they like, arrive when suits and leave if they feel like it.

Click here to see Chloe’s video.


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