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Changing times

By Fiona Reid
Changing times

WHO does most of the chores in your house?

A new report has revealed that it’s not just falling to women any more.
The rise of women in the workplace has led to men doing more in the home.
And the 2016 man spends 150 per cent more time helping with household chores, such as cooking, the laundry and cleaning, than they did 15 years ago.
What’s more, the survey by laundry experts Dr Beckmann, reveals that for 73 per cent of males, carrying out these domestic chores regularly is now part of their weekly routines.
In fact, the average British adult male spends nearly six hours a week performing domestic tasks, up from just over two hours 15 years ago.
British blokes think a modern man should be able to cook, know how to wash clothes, perform domestic duties like vacuuming the house and picking up the children from school.
In addition, the study revealed that 71 per cent of men believe it is only fair that they cook, where possible, at least three times per week.
Women, of course, agree with eight in ten saying domestic duties should be split equally, while nearly all of the women polled (98 per cent) said it was a good thing that traditional gender roles were being challenged.
Here in the Be office we heartily agree!


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