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Streamlining swimming

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Streamlining swimming

COUNCIL operated swimming lessons in the region are set to be streamlined.

The changes will automatically come into force this October when the current Rainbow Swim Scheme will be scrapped in favour of the Learn to Swim framework.
At the moment there are 1565 children on the scheme across the region, including 529 at Annan Pool and 301 at DG One.
The switch will mean an end to the controversial rebooking scheme, which the council admits is ‘time consuming for staff and parents’ and results in many complaints about the system.
It will also free up an additional five weeks of lessons a year and result in a boost to the council’s income of £76,000 a year.
Children will henceforth undertake 40 minute lessons on a rolling 45 week programme with continuous assessment that will see them progressing up the four new levels as and when they are ready.
Payment will be made monthly and different abilities will be taught side by side.
A council spokesman said: “Children progress at their own pace through the scheme and are moved to the next level at the point when they meet the criteria rather than having to wait for the start of a new block.
“They will have the same day/time for swimming lessons for the duration of the child’s participation on the scheme. Parents with children who are at different levels within the scheme can have their children at the same day/time.”


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