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Census calls to be made

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By Fiona Reid
Census calls to be made

HOME visits will take place in Dumfries and Galloway this week to help people fill in the census.

Local field teams will be calling on those who have not yet responded, following Census Day on March 20.

Approximately a million households in Scotland still need to complete their return and can get guidance from the field teams or over the phone.

Paul Lowe, chief executive of National Records of Scotland (NRS), said: “There is still time to complete your census and we are here to support those who need help. Completion of the census is a legal responsibility, and our field teams are there to provide help. Our free helpline, 0800 030 8308 also remains available to provide assistance, including for those seeking a paper questionnaire.

“Our field teams will always show formal identification, and respondents can verify their identity by calling the helpline. They will be observing all public health guidelines and will not cross the threshold of a residence.”

He also warned about potential scams and added: “We will never ask you for money or personal financial information. So if someone does ask you for these, you can be sure it is a scam.

“If you receive anything suspicious that claims to be from the census, contact us.”


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