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Celebrations for Tibby

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By Lewis Irons
Annan and Eskdale
Celebrations for Tibby

AN AFTERNOON of celebrations took place to mark an inaugural awards ceremony on Sunday.

The Pensioner’s Pride Award launched at the Anvil Hall in Gretna at the weekend — and village favourite Tibby Marshall was presented with the first gong.
A crowd of family members, neighbours and friends applauded Mrs Marshall as she arrived at the hall on a day she described as ‘overwhelming’.
The 84-year-old was treated to a special afternoon, which included her three great granddaughters reading a poem and presenting her with flowers.
Susan Little and Andrea Horne recalled the memory of Mrs Marshall planting a rose in her garden after the loss of their baby sister Jane — something she would do when any child or baby passed away.
Minister Sandy Jamieson, who opened and closed the celebrations, said: “Tibby was like the Pied Piper in the 1970s when she ran the local youth club.
“She was always there for any child and if you couldn’t afford to pay to go to the club she would say ‘ach pay next time’ and if you had no money for the tuck shop she’d say ‘ach have these, they were being chucked out anyway’.”
The Minister reminisced about holidays with the youth club and said: “If you wanted to go Tibby would make sure you did — squeezing extra bums on seats whether you could pay or not.
“But if you were on the wrong side of her tongue, beware — she was a feisty wee woman and would speak her mind.”
The afternoon ended with a procession of gifts, hugsand many kisses to a lady who is so well thought of in her community.

Annan and Eskdale

24th May

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