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Catapult chaos

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By Charlotte MacKay
Annan and Eskdale
Catapult chaos

YOUTHS in Gretna are causing chaos with catapults and ball bearings.

House windows, cars, streetlights and even birds have all been targeted in recent weeks by groups of youths firing projectiles.

And police are urging residents to report every incident to make sure they are caught.

Community officer PC Calum Duignan said: “There have been cars and windows damaged, and we believe it has been ball bearings which we have found nearby.

“If it is not ball bearings, it has been some sort of other projectile they are using.”

Residents have taken to social media to share their stories of hearing objects being fired at their houses, with several finding distinctive coloured ball bearings outside their properties.

Garden furniture, car windscreens and moving vehicles have all been singled out for catapult attacks.

A group of youths were even spotted firing stones at birds near Gretna play park.

PC Duignan explained that it is not an offence for the young people to in possession of a catapult, so it important that police can catch them in the act.

He said: “If you see people going around with catapults then please report them.

“People have been traced and charged for these offences after people have phoned in to tell us about it.

“It can be hard to prove who was responsible if we do not catch up with them until a few days later, so it is better if we can catch them in the act.”

PC Duignan is urging people to contact police, which can be done anonymously, and says it is particularly helpful to provide descriptions of the perpetrators.

He said: “Even if it is just a call to tell us what is happening and what you have seen, it gives us a chance to build a picture of what is going on.”

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