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Cat cafe was just purr-fect

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By Newsdesk
Cat cafe was just purr-fect

IT’S A trend better known in major cities, but a ‘cat cafe’ proved a hit in rural Dumfriesshire on Sunday.

The venue was Kettle-Home, a commercially operated community hub and cafe in the old village hall building at Kettleholm.

Proprietor Daryl Collins was delighted with the response with almost 50 people attending the four sessions during the day and enjoying breakfasts, snacks and other meals.

CALMING . . . a group of off-duty staff from Lochmaben Hospital enjoy the company of a friendly cat called Ony. They are Tyler Haggarty, Von Murray, Sharon Templeton and Sheree Donnelly

A selection of immaculately cared for and groomed British Short Hair cats were on hand and were provided by Daryl’s mother Marion Collins, a cat breeder and exhibitor, based near Lockerbie.

Daryl explained that cat cafes had proved popular elsewhere because many people enjoyed the company of cats and there was a school of opinion that they had a therapeutic effect and stroking them reduced stress.

He said: “We were delighted by the interest with some guests travelling a distance to get here and this is something we will try again.”

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