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Case made for farm house

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By Fiona Reid
Case made for farm house

A FARMER is battling with Dumfries and Galloway Council to be allowed to build a new house on land at Moffat.

Planners refused permission for the site at Craigbeck Farm but Brian Ryder has now appealed the decision.

Officials said it had not been satisfactorily demonstrated that a new house was essential at the location for the operational needs of the agricultural business.

However, Mr Ryder, via his agent John MacColl has now submitted an animal welfare report, labour report and viability report.

In a supporting letter, Mr MacColl pointed out that his client currently lives ten miles away but that a 24 hour presence is needed at the farm.

He said: “It should be recognised that operating a farming business of this type from a remote location does cause strain and involves additional costs and can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible in bad weather conditions.

“This is a livestock farm which requires intensive supervision. Security of the livestock, equipment, buildings and personnel cannot be overstated.”

The appeal will be heard at the local review body in Dumfries on Thursday.


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