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Careless driving clampdown

By Fiona Reid
Careless driving clampdown

TWO motorists have been charged with careless driving as Lockerbie Police clamp down on ‘nuisance’ drivers occupying the town’s Tesco car park.

Officers have increased their presence at the supermarket parking area after a series of noise and safety complaints rolled in.

Community constable Ian Brownrigg said: “There is a small minority that are essentially ruining it for everyone else. “The majority are doing nothing wrong.”

In recent weeks two individuals have been charged with careless driving and PC Brownrigg has warned that the police will continue to monitor the area.

All the drivers are encouraged to turn off their engines when parked up late at night, not to excessively rev their engines or drive fast round the car park, and to clean up after themselves as well.

Meanwhile, one young driver who frequently occupies the car park has defended the location as a hang out area.

He said: “Fair enough if people are getting done with careless driving if they are speeding around the car park, but most of us are just parking up and having a chat. “Most of us aren’t doing anything wrong so it’s not fair that we’re constantly under surveillance.”

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