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Car vandals sought by police

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By Abbey Morton
Car vandals sought by police

SEVERAL cars parked in a Lockerbie street were vandalised in an overnight attack earlier this week.

Vehicles parked against the pavement at Sydney Place were scratched all along one side, as though they had been ‘keyed’ say locals.

Some families had more than one vehicle damaged, with repair bills likely to run to hundreds of pounds.

One of those affected was Alan Murray, a local bus driver.

Speaking this week he said: “Monday night I went to bed at 10.30 pm and my car was parked outside my house.

“I never heard anything through the night, got up at 5 am for work and took the dog a walk – never realised the back passenger side was scratched, the whole door, till someone told me at work.

“Then I met my neighbours and all their cars were done, from no 75 along to the end of the street, 105 Sydney Place.

“Some had the whole side of the cars that was facing the pavement scratched.”

In addition, a van parked against the Sydney Place pavement at the weekend had the wing mirror kicked off.

Speaking at Lockerbie Community Council on Tuesday night, community councillor Lucie Dudgeon said: “The police are hoping to get footage from doorbell cameras etc.

“It happened in a concentrated area so they are hopeful that they can find the vandal/s.”

And Sergeant Scott McDowall said yesterday that officers were looking into the matter and anyone with any information should contact Police Scotland on 101.


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