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Cancelled operation concerns

By Fiona Reid
Cancelled operation concerns

NEW figures show that 1576 operations were scheduled to take place at NHS Dumfries and Galloway in May - but 132 of them were cancelled.

According to ISD Scotland, patients called off the procedure in 45 cases; while clinical reasons were cited in 62 instances. However, in 15 per cent of cases, or for 21 operations, it was because of capacity or non clinical reasons, including not enough staff or unclean equipment.

South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth is concerned that operations are suffering because the region does not have enough resources to cope with demand. He said: “There will be occasions when for medical reasons it is correct to delay a patients operation. But with over 15 per cent of cancellations across Dumfries and Galloway due to non-medical reasons such as a lack of staff, it’s clear that the Scottish Government are underfunding our NHS. ”

Behind each of these figures is a patient waiting in pain for treatment that hospitals have not been able to give. We have seen a staffing crisis develop in our health service, with huge unfilled gaps for consultants, nurses and midwives.

“It’s time to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to properly fund our NHS.”

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12th Jul

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