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Campers recount ghostly meet in car park

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By Newsdesk
Campers recount ghostly meet in car park

CLAIMS of an encounter with a shadowy figure near Black Loch have been circulating online this week.

Spooky tour guides Mostly Ghostly shared an anonymous account of the encounter which supposedly occurred at the forestry car park on November 17 around 10.45 pm.

Describing their eerie encounter, the camper said: “Whilst we were setting our vehicle up we had the side door open with a lantern light casting a glow across the car park. I was stood perfectly still at the back of the vehicle in the dark when the figure of a man clearly walked across the car park from the north-east. The figure was more of a black shadow but was wearing clothing from what only I can describe from the late 1930’s, those sharp pleated trousers which were slightly baggy but would end in a turn up. The top half was almost like a jacket/blouson. The closest approximation in the silhouette was that of either an aviator/military type clothing. There was absolutely no noise from the walking movement.

“The figure was about 60 feet away from me and walking slightly head down at a steady pace and across the light cast from the lantern. I saw it for about 10-15 seconds and it disappeared into the darkness out of the south-west corner of the car park. It is difficult to estimate the age but from the build he was probably in his 20s or 30s – about five foot six inches and slightly built. The head was not that clear but he could have had a small peaked cap of some type on.

“The old Edinburgh road dissects the car park, however the figure didn’t follow that line, it almost appeared as it come from a direction of Bennan, Craignell, Darnaw hills.

“The exit point of the figure was almost diagonally opposite where I noticed the trace of a very overgrown track in the morning.”

Mostly Ghostly are now appealing for other people to share their spooky experiences of the same area to look into any paranormal goings-on. For more information visit:

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