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Cammy swaps guitar for gloves

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By Rod Edgar
Annan and Eskdale
Cammy swaps guitar for gloves

'FORTY-FIVE seconds of freedom' — that's what Cammy Black from Annan says he experienced when he stepped into the boxing ring.

The well-known musician dominated his very first competitive bout at the end of last month, stopped in the very first round.
Cammy, 30, said: “I just felt that I was free for 45 seconds.
“I wasn’t nervous at all walking into the right, seeing the crowd there, and then when I heard the bell go I just felt alive for a while. It was great.”
Cammy had immersed himself in training over past months, finding a release through boxing.
He said: “My family went through a lot of stuff this last year, as I lost my stepfather Brian (Wellburn) just over a year ago now.
“I just felt that there was a lot of stuff building up inside me, and I got to release it all.”
The musician says that he ‘loved every minute of the day’ at the Hilltop Hotel in Carlisle on Sunday August 25, taking on Carlisle’s David Patterson in the 76kg class.
Delivering a blow which opened his opponent’s eye, Cammy said: “He came at me again, I gave him a right hook, and he hit the floor, and that was it — he couldn’t carry on.”
In Cammy’s corner were veteran boxing coach Terry Bruton and Grant Cranston from Deep Burn Gym in Annan.
Praising Cammy, Terry said: “When he started he was raw as custard, but the guy really knuckled down and has really dedicated himself.”
He added: “He’s got a lot of drive. He wanted it.”
Intent on continuing with both boxing and music, Cammy and band 13 Crowes opened the main stage at the Electric Fields festival at Drumlanrig last weekend.
Cammy confesses to having suffered nerves before performing music in front of an audience.
But with a laugh, he added: “It’s not as bad as someone trying to punch you in the face.”

ewf *** Local Caption ***  BUILD-UP . . . Cammy Black from Annan traded music for boxing at the end of last month, decisively winning his very first bout


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