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Cake creation

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By Abbey Morton
Cake creation

A TOWERING five-tiered cake showcasing the wonders of Moffat has gone on display

Featuring everything from Moffat Toffee and sheep races to the world’s narrowest hotel and Lord Hugh Dowding, the masterpiece was painstakingly crafted by brilliant baker Lisa Hall. The talented businesswoman, who calls herself an ‘extreme caker’ said: “I’m always pushing myself to do bigger and better. I decided to depict Moffat as I am proud to live here and work here. The community is so passionate and patriotic about their town, so it was the perfect opportunity to give them something they could admire and relate to.”

For her showpiece, Lisa opted for a ‘dummy cake’ to ensure it could be on display for as long as possible. Standing at over two feet high, the cake is topped with Moffat’s most iconic feature the bronze ram sat atop craggy stone. Moving down the tiers, there is an inky blue layer representing the town’s dark sky status, cute sheep, Moffat Toffee, The Star Hotel, The Greenfrog, a pan of gold, Lord Hugh Dowding’s memorial and poppy wreathes, a window with a Burns poem etching, Grey Mare’s Tail, working car headlights for the classic car rally and the town’s famous pubs.

She said: “This has got to be my favourite creation to date. Without a doubt. I love cakes that tell a story, that explain and educate about a certain person or place.”

Lisa opened her Moffat High Street premises in November after working from home for seven years. Not one to rest on her laurels, next weekend she is opening a gourmet milk and muffin bar.

And looking to the future, she said: “My next big cake . . . well, it has to be bigger and outrageous. “If anyone wants to put me to the challenge for their next big event . . . I’m ready and waiting.”