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Bye bye bingo

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Bye bye bingo

BINGO bosses have decided to close Annan’s only club to make way for a third cinema screen in the town.

And so calls of ‘dancing queen 17’ and ‘tickety-boo 62’ will become a thing of the past when the Ladystreet Bingo Club closes this summer.

But film fans are in luck as the space will be used to create another big screen at Annan’s ever in demand Lonsdale Cinema.

The picture house, already a long standing popular attraction in the town, grew in popularity following the closure of the Dumfries Odeon last June, and regularly sells out at many new release films.

And, following a decline in bingo players, Lonsdale owner Alan Towers is now planning to expand the cinema side.

He said: “A decision has been made that the Ladystreet Bingo Club will close in the summer, creating an opportunity for a third screen to be added to the Lonsdale Cinema.

“Architects are working on this proposal now. This should incorporate part of the old stalls area, but leave the front foyer and balcony onto Lady Street intact and available for rent in the future.”

He added: “Bingo, being a craze with its heyday in the 1960s, has been a feature of the building for over 50 years.

“Sadly, lately, whereas it was always seen as a social occasion, this has become less prominent lately with so much gambling becoming anonymous and moving online thereby decreasing social participants.

“The cinema over the last 20 years has grown in admissions and this is an opportunity to offer a greater choice.”

Annan and Eskdale

19th Jul

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