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Busting the birthing myth

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By Fiona Reid

A FRENCH doctor this week sensationally claimed women are losing the ability to give birth.

He said mums-to-be are becoming too dependent on forceps, epidurals and caesarian sections.

Well that might be the case in France, but it’s certainly not the way of the world here in Dumfries and Galloway.

The region was recently revealed as the having the highest rate in Scotland in 20 years for natural births. Indeed, a fabulous 70 per cent of all births locally are natural – my three included! And I’m sure that many of the 30 per cent of mums who ended up with assistance did a lot of the hard work themselves before the doctors even got involved.

What’s more, most pregnant women go into the labour process hoping for a natural delivery. It’s rare for someone to request an assisted birth. And among my family and friends who have ended up needing help, there’s an element of feeling they’ve missed out on a big experience. Women generally want to give it a go.

So, I think the obstetrician’s comments are really unhelpful and will scare some folk, who already view childbirth through the Hollywood filter. In fact, it’s about time we bust the movie myths that labour is all about pain and screaming and doctors on standby.

Yes, there’s a bit of that (!) and there’s no denying childbirth is a messy business. But it’s also marvellous, momentous and very empowering with the most fantastic prize at the end of it all.

And that’s why we all keep doing it.




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