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Bruised pride: La Malouine beaches

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Bruised pride: La Malouine beaches
POINT OF VIEW. . . All attendees could see was a mast poking out over the greenery

TODAY’S boating event was meant to kickstart the beginning of a hectic week for rowing fans, but delays, low tides and a sudden beaching has caused the docking of the Tall Ship La Malouine to be delayed until early tomorrow morning.

A massive crowd gathered at Annan Harbour for the arrival of the ship, with the rowing skiff “The Pride of Annan” fastened to it. The day was a scorcher and many were unprepared to wait for as longs they had.

While the ship was set to arrive at 1.15 pm, delays caused the boat to arrive at 1.50 pm instead. And just before the ship was able to dock, tragedy struck; It was beached just short of its final destination.

Watch the heartbreaking moment of La Malouine’s beaching.

At around 2.07 pm, Annan Harbour Action Group’s Annan Thompson docked at the harbour on a speedboat, announcing to all that could hear that the ship was beached and the tide had fallen too low to continue.

Because of this, many families were unable to see the Pride of Annan return to the town, and the string of events has begun on a low note.

La Malouine will finish its dock early tomorrow morning, once the tide has risen once again. It is hoped that this will not disrupt the Nith Raid being held tomorrow.


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