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Brown Swiss sets a new record

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By Fiona Reid
Brown Swiss sets a new record

A FARMING family from Mouswald are celebrating after their cow became the UK’s top in her breed.

Sanchia, a Brown Swiss, scored 97 and excellent in her latest classification.

She belongs to Jonny Lochhead from Beyond the Burn and is part of the family’s herd of 130 pure bred Swiss and 270 followers.

He said: “Cows across the world get inspected once a year, on their appearance. They get a score for several different areas relating to functionality, so how good her udder is, her legs and feet her capacity and strength etc. Most of which come back to being the best for the cow’s wellbeing and health. Cows are given a final score out of 97.

“Sanchia is now one of a tiny and very elite group in the world that has gained the score of being Excellent 97!

“She is the first cow of her breed to ever achieve this in the UK and we believe she may be the only Brown Swiss currently in the world. Officially the best.”

Full name Kedar Calvin Sanchia Maria, she is a granddaughter of Brown Swiss Legend Old Mill-E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA and was Grand Champion at the UK Dairy Day in 2016.


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