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Brooke, 8, calls out litter bugs

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By Fiona Reid
Lockerbie and Lochmaben
Brooke, 8, calls out litter bugs

A BORELAND schoolgirl is waging a war on litter and litterbugs.

After a session of litter picking with her school, Brooke Eblett was inspired to put pen to paper to vent her feelings on rubbish and its effect on the world.

The eight-year-old said: “I believe people should pick up litter because it is very important to me.

“People should never litter, if you were at the beach and you littered, the wind would blow the plastic into the sea and when it floats it will be out to sea. Then the sea animals might think it’s food but if they eat it they might choke or die.

“People need to stop littering at once. We need to help the earth by not littering.

“I wish litter was not a thing. We need to save the world and we need to save the animals.

“Please never litter, it’s rude, bad, sad. This is very important to me.”

She is pledging to ‘never ever’ drop litter again herself and called on everyone else, young and old, to follow her lead: “If I see someone I am going to chase them away, I want to do my best to stop people littering.

“We need to save the animals and the world.”

Brooke was further incensed after a trip to Newcastle, where she noticed overflowing bins.

Her mum Linda said: “She’s very aware of plastic destroying sea life and asks a lot of questions about that.

“Brooke has missed out on a lot as she was only diagnosed with deafness in 2019. Now that she has her hearing aids she’s eager to learn about what is important for our planet.”

The youngster’s writings have been shared on social media, where she has been widely praised for her awareness.

Brooke is a pupil at Hutton Primary, but is currently attending Applegarth.


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