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Boys bowl into history books

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By Fiona Reid
Boys bowl into history books

HISTORY was made at Canonbie Hall on Saturday as four young boys won the first memorial rinks tournament to be held there for the Kate and Tom Hall Memorial Cup.

Skip Aaron Wood, 12; 2nd Jamie Hall, 15; vice Danny Hotson, 15; and lead Jack Hotson, 13 beat the Rhonehouse rink of Jock Fisher, Fiona Whitby, William Lockhart Jr and Susan Murray with the last bowl of the game.

Beaten semi-finalists were Al Sloan, Neil Shearer, Del Cowan and Tracey Orchiston of Wamphray; and Jan Oliver, Gina Laurie, Lee Beauly and Brian McDonald of Dumfries.

In total, 34 rinks took part in the brand new competition which had a first prize of £1000, sponsored by Ian Hall. He made a speech thanking everyone for their support and congratulating the youngsters for showing great pride and enthusiasm in the sport.

The trophy was then presented by Matt Hall, in memory of his grandparents Kate and Tom.


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