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Boxing coach Anne’s charity comeback in time for Christmas

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By Fiona Reid
Boxing coach Anne’s charity comeback in time for Christmas

A CHARITY fund-raiser dealt a body blow by a cynical burglary is bouncing back — and helping to brighten Christmas.

Anne Armstrong of AA Fitness in Irving Street, Dumfries, had £4000 of charity cash stolen from her home in Kirkgunzeon while she was out attending an event.
Having raised £2000 for a Christmas lunch with presents at Lochside Community Centre,
Anne said: “The money was stolen while I was at the boxing show, so I just tried to come up with another way of doing something for some people in the area.
“So I did a Christmas Angel Gift scheme at the gym, and had support from all my members, parents, kids, families, friends all around Dumfries.
“I put in on Facebook and everybody has been kindly coming in and donating gifts; small gifts and big gifts.”
She added: “I’ve got 220 gifts, which I’ve taken to the Salvation Army, and myself and my wee niece and nephew who’ve been helping me to do this are going to help them get the presents out to people less fortunate than ourselves into the Dumfries and Galloway area between now and Christmas Day.”
In addition, kind-hearted Anne held a special event at the weekend in support of Emma Rose, with the other stolen £2000 having been raised in support of the young girl who collapsed with a heart attack in the playground of Heathhall Primary School last February.
She said: “I’ve not managed to get the £2000 back, but we had a charity boxing and martial arts sparring day on Saturday at the gym, and I think I’ve raised about £1500.”
Anne was hospitalised after the devastating break-in to her house.
She said: “I was crying over what had happened to me, and heartbroken that someone could break in and steal all this money, but I’ve managed to work my way through it, not give up, and get as much of this back as I possibly could, and I’ve done it.”
Anne added: “I’m quite chuffed, and there such a lot of people in this area who have helped me to do this, and I can’t thank them enough.”


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