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Bowling club headache after car hits wall

By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Bowling club headache after car hits wall

A CAR which ploughed into a wall in Moffat Road has caused a headache for a bowling club in the town.

The large sandstone boundary which runs along Marchmount Bowling Club was clobbered by a car on Saturday evening into Sunday morning, sending 133 ft of bricks and fencing toppling onto the green behind.
Club vice chairman Cliff Burgess said: “We’re getting a price for repairing what’s there, if possible, and also a price for new.
“But I think with the labour intensity in repairing, it’s not going to be far away from replacing with a new one.
“There’s only about two coping stones that are whole – the rest are all broken and chipped.”
Mr Burgess says part of the green itself is damaged, but that it is difficult to assess until the fallen wall is lifted away.”
Discussions took place this week with Dumfries and Galloway Council, who Mr Burgess says have responsibility for the wall up to pavement level.
And he says this work and replacement of a destroyed zebra crossing light is set to take place next week.
The club’s insurance company is meanwhile handling the other damage.
The bowling season starts in the first or second week of April, when Mr Burgess will take over the role of president.
And he says the club may look to wait until after the winter to see if a sprinkler system has been damaged in the accident.


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