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Bottles shock

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By Fiona Reid
Bottles shock

LITTER pickers from Lockerbie were ‘disgusted’ to find 136 bottles of urine in a 200 yard stretch near the town.

Members of the Lockerbie and District Litter Pickers met last Sunday to clean up the area between Lockerbie Lorry Park and the town.

And their emphasis was on gathering up the hidden rubbish from the hedgerows.

Karen Agnew was one of those taking part and said: “This, by far, was our worst pick: a very hot day and only a short 200 yard distance pick and under an hour we picked ten bags of rubbish and 136 bottles of urine.

“This, I’m afraid to say, was all collected just outside the truck stop junction. We were all very disgusted and it was quite upsetting as this is only the tip of a very big problem.”

She thanked everyone for their continued help and support and encouraged others to ‘keep picking’ too.

Meanwhile, Marjatta Wildwood, one of the founders of the group revealed some of the mess was found next to an anti littering banner made by local children.

She said: “It is shocking, the roads look so lovely at the moment too, little do they know what’s hidden in the verges.

“I’m trying to reach the wider audience, the truck drivers particularly! People need to see this, if we just keep cleaning up and stuff is instantly taken away, nothing will change.”


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