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Bottle shocker

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By Abbey Morton
Bottle shocker

PEOPLE in Dumfries and Galloway use 18.9 million plastic bottles a year, according to new figures.

And around 340,000 of those are littered. However, a pioneering recycling scheme expects to reduce the region’s 300k littered plastic bottles by 90 per cent.

Scotland’s deposit return scheme is expected to roll out later this year, giving Scots the opportunity to claim back 20p per single-use plastic or glass bottles and aluminium or steel cans. Shoppers will pay a 20p deposit which will be returned when the empty container is recycled.

Welcoming the scheme, chief operating officer for Zero Waste Scotland Jill Farrell said: “Our new figures reveal how Scotland’s deposit return scheme could visibly slash the number of littered plastic bottles in Dumfries and Galloway. “We all hate seeing empty bottles and cans littering our streets, green spaces and beaches. “Litter isn’t just an eyesore – it also pollutes our environment and seas. And for every bottle littered, more plastic has to be created, generating more planet-damaging emissions. “When you take back your empty bottles to be recycled, you’ll not just be getting your 20p back – you’ll be doing your bit in the fight against the climate emergency.”

Across Scotland, wherever people can buy a drink in a container made from PET, glass, aluminium or steel, they will also be able to return it to reclaim the deposit. Online retailers will also be included in the scheme, ensuring it’s accessible everyone.


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