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Border Cup

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By Fiona Reid
Border Cup

THE Border Cup sheep dog trial was held on February 13 at Bettyknowes Farm, Crocketford by permission of Glenkiln Farms.

The weather conditions were very extreme and the handlers and dogs coped well with the rain and wind.

Teams were from North West Moorland, Wigtownshire and Dumfries and Kirkcudbright, who hosted the event. The judge was Michael Glynn from Ireland and 30 dogs ran in total.

The course was risen at the far end where the sheep were lifted on top of a hill. They were then fetched down to the handler who was on a slight rise. The drive was righthand and it was an open pen. The sheep were blackface hoggs which were quite a test with the weather conditions.

The winner was Johnny Paterson from Wigtownshire running Scalpsie Roy, pictured. Roy ran out to the lefthand but over ran a little. Johnny and Roy lifted the sheep in a nice smooth controlled manner, scoring maximum points. Roy had the sheep nicely settled on the fetch and safely through the gates, only dropping minor points for line deviations. Roy turned the sheep onto the first leg of the drive with a good turn and had a good first leg and safely through the gates with a good turn and a nice line on the cross drive and again safely through the second drive gates. They only dropped eight points out of 30 for line deviations. The sheep were nice and settled at the pen which resulted in a good pen. There were four sheep and the shed was a split and take control which Johnny and Scalpsie Roy managed with ease. They finished on a total score of 82 out of 100 and first place.

Second place went to Stuart McCrindle and Tess, also from Wigtownshire. Tess also ran out to the lefthand but had a better outrun than Johnny and Roy with full points awarded for the outrun and lift. Tess fetched the sheep on a good line down the fetch and through the gates, only dropping three points for line deviations. Again Tess had a good turn with the sheep round the handler and a good line up the first leg of the drive and through the gates with a good cross drive and safely through the second drive gates. They dropped nine points for line deviations. Stuart and Tess had a little difficulty at the pen but the shed proved more difficult and where the difference was between first and second place. Stuart and Tess finished on a total score of 81 points out of 100 and second place.

The team shield was won by Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire scoring 526; second was Wigtonshire on 437 and North West Moorland on 414.


1st: J. Paterson Wigtownshire (Scalpsie Roy) 82.

2nd: S. McCrindle Wigtownshire (Tess) 81.

3rd: F. Shennan, Dumfries and Kirkcudbright (Belle) 81 OB.

4th: W. Welsh, Dumfries and Kirkcudbright (Fletch) 78.

5th: J. Bentham, North West Moorland (Bob) 76.

6th: D. Robertson, Dumfries and Kirkcudbright (Cap) 75.


18th May

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