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Border burglary inspired new book

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By Ben Murray
Border burglary inspired new book

A BOOK has been published about the Netherby Burglary and the events that followed from it.

‘A Very Satisfactory Manner’ was launched on Amazon by author John Little last Thursday alongside a launch party that took place in Maryport.

The book is a fictionalised retelling of the 1885 incident that saw a notorious gang murder a police officer after stealing the jewellery of a family at Netherby Hall in Longtown.

Benjamin Rudge, John Martin, and James and William Baker went on the run on a manhunt that lasted two days which saw several officers beaten, shot and PC Joseph Byrnes killed before the criminals were apprehended and sentenced to death.

John Little said: “A Very Satisfactory Manner is a fictionalised re-enactment of the events which took place after the theft of Lady Graham’s jewellery from her bedroom.

“It examines how ordinary men were made into monsters by their circumstances, their social position, and by the very system set up to preserve the law.

“This remains one of the most notorious crimes ever committed in Cumberland and relies very heavily upon extant evidence. Thus, the tale it tells is plausible, and possible.”

The book is available on Amazon.


26th Feb

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By Marc McLean, local democracy reporter | DNG24