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Bond brings back moviegoers

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
Bond brings back moviegoers
SHOWTIME . . . Alan Towers is getting ready for the cinema’s busiest weekend in two years as James Bond hits the screens

ANNAN’S Lonsdale Cinema is preparing for its busiest weekend in two years following the long-awaited release of the 25th James Bond film, which hit screens yesterday.

007 is finally back — to save not only Queen and country, but also movie theatres, which have endured months of closure and revenue loss due to the pandemic.

The Lonsdale’s evening screenings of No Time to Die, which at nearly three hours long is the lengthiest of the entire franchise, are sold-out tonight and tomorrow, with afternoon tickets still available.

Demand for the spy thriller is so high that two of the Annan cinema’s three screens have been reserved to show it over the next three weeks.

And cinema owner Alan Towers confirmed that extra showings will be planned if tickets continue to sell-out.

Speaking yesterday shortly before the theatre’s premiere screening of No Time to Die, Alan said: “We’ve been waiting for it to come for two years because it’s been postponed so many times that it’s increased the anticipation. I was pleased to see the reviews of the film – although it is two hours, 45 minutes long – have been really good. I never think it’s a good idea to have a film that’s two and three-quarter hours long but this one seems to more or less justify it by the look of it.

“My family have been in the cinema business since 1937 so I can remember the days where 300 people a night was the norm, I remember my father saying ‘oh there’s not 300 for the first time ever’ but for tonight’s show with our restricted seating we’re going to have about 150, which under present circumstances is the busiest film we’re going to have for quite some time.”

Alan said he can remember watching the classic Bond movies of the 1960s and 70s in the cinema, however confessed to being a bigger fan of Sean Connery than Daniel Craig, who will hand the Bond baton over to a new actor for the next film in the series.

He added: “I will watch the new one at some point. At the moment though when you’re involved with the cinema and you’re running it 24 hours a day – almost literally at times – you don’t really spend much time watching the films.”

*Book tickets by calling the Lonsdale box office on 01461206901 or visit

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