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Blogmas Day 4 – Decorating the tree

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By Abbey Morton
Blogmas Day 4 - Decorating the tree

AS a child we always had a real tree.

When I moved out of home I settled for an artificial effort, but nothing really beats that natural pine scent — I tried to recreate it with candles and all sorts!
Last year we enjoyed our first ‘Christmas in the country’ and I made sure we had a huge, real tree.
Every morning I got a buzz of excitement when I walked into the dining room and inhaled the woody scent.
And this year will be just the same.
We have a towering Nordmann Fir and its branches are groaning under the weight of 600 fairy lights and decorations we have collected over the years.
This year it also features a range of trinkets lovingly made by our son — and they are the most special.
Decorating the tree is my domain — all the lights have to be strung out on the carpet beforehand to make sure they work and then they are painstakingly hung evenly round the branches.
Then I add strings of bells, candy canes, glittering pine cones, golden baubles and reindeer.
Pine cone and christmas tree branches with lights decoration
Some people started putting their trees up in November, but many opt for the first weekend in December.
But traditionally the date you should bring your tree into your home to decorate is Christmas Eve and you should remove it on the Twelfth Night, January 5.
I tend to stick to taking it down on January 5 but there is no way I could wait until December 24 to decorate my home! I love the cheer the twinkling lights bring and the feeling of ‘fullness’ in my home.
I always feel a bit bereft come January and find myself looking for new pieces of furniture to fill the gaps left behind.
Christmas Tree


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