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Blogmas Day 14 – Christmas music

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By Abbey Morton
Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas music

IT’S beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go . . .

When I hear Michael Bublé crooning those lyrics my heart fills with glee.
I’ll admit, I have been listening to Christmas songs since mid-November, but only when my husband wasn’t around — he would be appalled.
But now we are half way through December I feel I am quite justified to play Michael Bublé, Bing Crosby, Eartha Kitt, Mariah Carey, Slade and The Pogues at every given opportunity.
We have a Disney CD in the car, classical Christmas in the house and my Youtube is always linked to a mix of festive tunes.
Everytime we get in the car my two-year-old asks for Jingle Bells to be played and he’s getting good at the lyrics.
Even at work I have found myself am humming ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’.
We all have a different favourite Christmas hit here in the DNG office.
Fiona and Amanda both love ‘All I Want for Christmas’, Joseph feels festive when he hears Elton John’s ‘Step into Christmas’ while Rod sings along to ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ by Wizzard and Steve favours ‘Carol of the Bells’ from Home Alone.
And me? It’s got to be ‘Santa Baby’, but only the Eartha Kitt version!
It seems like it has been years since a proper Christmassy song was released.
The last decade has been dominated by X Factor winners getting the Christmas number one, or campaigns to get unlikely songs to the top spot (Rage Against the Machine in 2009 ring any bells?!).
White Christmas and Let It Snow were released in the 40s and 50s respectively and they are still iconic hits decades later.
Will we be singing along to Cruz Beckham’s ‘If Everyday Was Christmas’ in 2086?
Or will the classics endure and my great grandchildren will be singing my favourites?


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