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‘Black Eye Friday’ was peaceful say police

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By Rod Edgar
'Black Eye Friday' was peaceful say police

'BLACK Eye Friday' proved reasonably peaceful for the region's police — and calls are being made for continued good behaviour over the festive period.

Police Scotland’s David McCallum said: “It was generally pretty good.
“There were small pockets, sadly, where we anticipated it might be, but it appears that a significant number of people have been out during the day and by the time when we’re increasing our patrols — from 6 pm to 7 pm onwards — most people have actually been going home; they’ve had their fill.
“So we’re really generally quite pleased with the behaviour.
“Sadly some people did come to adverse attention, but we were not surprised as to where that happened and we had resources in place to deal with that.”
The final Friday before Christmas is traditionally a time for festive nights out, which can result in disorder.
Office-based staff will continue to be drawn into operational policing over Christmas and New Year.
And Mr McCallum, who is Chief Inspector in Support of Service Delivery, said: “We know who our violent offenders are, and we’ve visited them and will continue to visit them to make them aware of the impact should they decide to become engaged in incidents of disorder or violence, and to make them aware that we will be keeping an eye on them and their behaviour.”
Offering words of advice to revellers, Mr McCallum added: “Go out and enjoy yourselves.
“We and licensees will be working very hard to make it an enjoyable experience for people, but the reminder is don’t over-indulge in alcohol.
“There are people who would never normally come to our attention, but because of an over-indulgence of alcohol they either become perpetrators or anti-social behaviour or disorder, or they become victims of criminality.”

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