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Birthday girl in bid for Barlow

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By Fiona Reid
Birthday girl in bid for Barlow

LOCKERBIE’S biggest Gary Barlow fan has started an online campaign to get the Take That star to her 30th birthday so she can have ‘The Greatest Day’.

Super fan Kerie Handley has been relentlessly tweeting the singer songwriter since he announced earlier this year that he was keen to help celebrate milestone birthdays in 2016.

Last year he crashed a wedding and this year he openly told fans that he was turning his attention to birthdays.

Discussing her near life-long love of Mr Barlow, Kerie, who turns 30 on Christmas Eve, said: “I loved Take That when they were first about but I was only nine when they first split.

“I have been a huge fan since they got back together in 2006, never missed a tour — Take That or solo Gary — and even been to Wembley to see him.

“I’ve never missed an album, either.”

She added: “Gary is such an inspirational person. He’s a fantastic musician, songwriter and performer I just love how great he is at everything he tries. He’s also pretty easy on the eyes, too.

“I admire how much he loves his family too and respects them and their privacy within the media.”

And the band’s number one single ‘Greatest Day’ has a particularly special meaning to the mum-of-three and her family.

She said: “My oldest, Grace, was born on November 24 2008, the same day ‘Greatest Day’ was released.

“It makes me so emotional every time I hear it. It’s definitely my favourite song.”

Using the #christmaseve30 and hoping to get it trending, the Lockerbie Medical Practice worker has also made personalised t-shirts for her family to wear.

Kerie said: “I think I have probably tweeted him about 200 times so far.

“As soon as I heard earlier this year that he was going to be performing at big birthdays I just thought, ‘I have to try.

“I’ve mainly been tweeting, Facebooking and asking friends and family to do the same.

“My wee mum has also been emailing and writing letters to his fan club.”

She said: “Being from a small town in Scotland, it’s hard to make yourself heard to someone so famous and who is so far away, so I am definitely open to suggestions on how to grab his attention if anyone has any.

“I am not naive enough to think he is definitely going to come, but if I didn’t try then in years to come I would kick myself for not at least trying.

“Anyone that knows me will know how much of a huge fan I am and how much this would mean to me.” Follow Kerie on Twitter – to show support.



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