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Bike track agreement reached

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By Euan Maxwell
Bike track agreement reached

THE COUNCIL has agreed in principle to having a bespoke bike circuit sited on local authority-owned land in Moffat.

Local resident Robbie Porteous, who is leading a project aiming to bring a ‘pump track’ to the town, said Dumfries and Galloway Council has written to him responding to his suggestions and ideas, which include having the track in Hope Johnstone Park.

He said: “They agree in principle to Hope Johnstone Park, or any other suitable council-owned land, to be looked at as a site for a pump track.”

But Mr Porteous added this will be dependant on “further consultation”.

And he reported he has done “as much consultation as I can”, having gauged local views on the project through social media and other means.

Furthermore, discussing the progress of obtaining funds for the pump track’s construction, he said government agency Sportscotland is “keen” to support the project.

He added that as match funding would be required, it currently looks “unlikely” that the full £100,000 he requested from the agency will be awarded.

However, Mr Porteous said between £50,000 and £100,000 of funding could be expected “if everything goes to plan”

He continued: “I’m also speaking to the South of Scotland Social Enterprise (SoSE) to investigate any other funders that might be worth going to.

“Community Windpower have been very helpful and they are doing site drawings for us just now that, hopefully, I’ll have back for the Sportscotland application.”


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