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Big hearted Grant’s charity efforts recognised

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By Amanda Kennedy
Annan and Eskdale
Big hearted Grant's charity efforts recognised

GRANT Seaton will run 13.1 miles, then he’ll run 13.1 miles more, just to be the man who raises money for charity.

Annan man Grant, 42, has raised over £30,000 for a host of charities, many with a special meaning for him.

Since 2010, he has picked an annual charity and spent the calendar year raising cash for that cause.

Half marathons are his speciality and last year he ran 11 and even organised a charity event, all to raise money for Jigsaw Children’s Hospice, a lesser known branch of Eden Valley Hospice.

His selfless work has now seen him awarded a British Citizen Award.

He said: “My 2018 charity, Jigsaw, is amazing. They have a scheme called ‘Pay for the Day’ where you fundraise money to pay for one day’s care.

“It costs in the region of £2186 for a day’s care and I had hoped to raise enough money to cover one day, but in the end I raised enough for three days.

“You also get to select the days that you pay for, meaning you can pick a date that has sentimental meaning to you – my sons were born on the same day so I picked that day and it made me appreciate their birthdays and time with them that bit more.”

He added: “Jigsaw are a phenomenal charity and it was them who nominated me for my British Citizen Award, which was very touching.”

But his hard work has not stopped there.

Grant, who works for the Cumberland Building Society as a senior business lending manager, is based at their Carlisle HQ and has selected Carlisle Youth Zone as his 2019 charity.

Speaking of his new charity, Grant said: “It’s all about boosting the self esteem of young people and making them believe they can go farther in life than they ever imagined.

“But it more than just supports children to succeed, a third of kids in Carlisle are in food vs fuel poverty and can go a day without a meal, Youth Zone is there to help.

“It’s heartbreaking in this day and age to think of a child going hungry but that’s why it’s vital to help.”

He added: “It’s so fulfilling to help others and I’d encourage everyone to do something for a charity, it will change your life.”


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