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Bid to stop dog fouling in Gretna

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Bid to stop dog fouling in Gretna

GRETNA and Rigg Community Council (GRCC) are taking steps to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.

This follows local residents raising the issue of dog fouling at their meeting last Wednesday evening.

They flagged up that some dog owners locally are still failing to pick up after their pets.

And the unsightly mess left is making Gretna’s streets, parks and other public places dirty, but also poses health risks.

GRCC associated councillor and owner of Paws 2 Run Siobhan Power said: “Poop scooping is essential. If it is left alone it can attract vermin and be harmful to both humans and other dogs as it contains bad bacteria.

“If dog muck is left in fields and cows eat it, it can lead to pregnant cows aborting their babies.

“And, of course, it is not nice to step on it either.”

To solve this issue, the GRCC would like to address the reasons for negligence and promote a shared sense of responsibility.

Chairperson Kirsten Herbst-Taylor said: “The 2003 Dog Fouling Act reminds us that responsible pet ownership is not just a courtesy but a legal obligation.

“Crickmer Park is now on the council’s priority list for managing dog fouling: signs have been put up and community safety officers have checked the area.

“Free dog poo bags are available at the DG Council service centre and Gretna registration office, and the GRCC will endeavour to increase the number of dog poo bins around Gretna and Rigg.

“For a cleaner and healthier community, everybody needs to get involved. Gretna deserves cleaner and safer streets which are free from the hazards of neglected pet waste.”

To report dog fouling, email [email protected], phone 030 33 33 3000 or visit the DG Council website here.


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