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Beeftub stars in safety video

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By Fiona Reid
Beeftub stars in safety video

THE dramatic landscape of the Devil’s Beeftub near Moffat is the backdrop for a new motorcycle safety film.

The area was chosen for the Live Fast, Die Old campaign, which highlights best practice advice for bikers and group riders. And the makers of the Breathtaking Roads film, Road Safety Scotland, hope it will encourage motorbikers to adopt safe riding habits.

Motorcyclists make up less than one per cent of Scotland’s road traffic, but accounted for 20 per cent of fatalities in 2018 and May, June and August remain the worst months for bikers to be killed or seriously injured. Road Safety Scotland say that failure to look properly and loss of control are the top factors in motorcycle deaths, with rider behaviour at bends or when overtaking accounting for the majority of fatal or serious injuries.

Michael McDonnell, director of Road Safety Scotland, said: “We’re now well into biking season and as the weather improves, the roads are busier and bikers set off with their friends to enjoy the stunning scenery that Scotland has to offer. We understand the thrill of biking and don’t want to take that away, but we want to ensure that groups of motorcyclists are looking out for each other on the road and practising safe manoeuvres together.”

The campaign is also supported by Police Scotland and a number of Scottish biking organisations. A dedicated microsite and engaging Facebook page (Live Fast, Die Old) is also available which highlights the greatest biking experiences, along with hints and tips from carefully selected local biking experts who have first-hand experience of Scotland’s roads. To view the film, go to



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