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Beat the boredom

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By Fiona Reid
Beat the boredom

IT’S easy to go stir crazy when you’re on lockdown and kids with lots of energy can suffer the worst. So we put together our top ideas to try at home with your wee ones.

1. Lego printing : Use the blocks from this popular toy to create art. Dip them in paint and use instead of a brush.

2. Coin rubbing: Place a piece of paper over the top of a coin and rub with a crayon to recreate the coin surface. You could also count the spare change pot and try cleaning them in a sparkling drink or in vinegar.

3. Learn a language: Download the Duolingo app and pick from dozens of world languages, including Slovakian, Urdu, Dutch and Esperanto.

4. ‘Paint’ the house: Give your wee one a bucket of water and a paintbrush and get them ‘painting’ the outside of the house. Give them a reward when the job is done!

5. Self portraits: All kids like looking at themselves in the mirror so get them to sit there and draw what they see.

6. Afternoon tea: With cafes shut, you’ll have to make your own afternoon tea. Try your hand at baking, prepare some sandwiches and get the kids to dress up and serve you at the table with the nicest crockery you own.

7. Turn your hallway into an art gallery: Get them busy drawing pictures and portraits then tack them up in a big display.

8. Cutting and sticking: Gather up some old magazines and catalogues and they can cut out their favourite images and items and make a collage.

9. Catwalk show: Sit back and relax while the kids strut their stuff in a homemade fashion show. Perhaps give them topics, e.g. beach wear, wedding outfit, party wear.

10. Life skills: If they are old enough, show them how to sew on a button, clean a pair of shoes, polish a window, peel a potato or even just how to change a bed.


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