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Be the ‘early bird’ when it comes to cancer

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By Fiona Reid
Be the ‘early bird’ when it comes to cancer

PEOPLE in Dumfries and Galloway with possible cancer symptoms are being urged to seek help without delay.

The Scottish Government’s ‘Be the Early Bird’ campaign reinforces the benefits of finding cancer at an earlier stage when there’s more treatment options available, a greater likelihood of living well after treatment and better news to tell the family.

The campaign is particularly aimed at those aged 40 and over, and urges everyone with persistent symptoms, unusual for them, to contact their GP practice without delay to get checked.

This could include unexplained bleeding, unusual lumps, unexplained weight loss or something that doesn’t feel normal for them.

Ross MacDuff, from the National Centre for Sustainable Delivery (CfSD) said: “Finding cancer in its earliest stages is really key to maximising treatment options. That’s why it’s so important that anyone who is experiencing persistent symptoms that are unusual for them contacts their GP practice so they can be assessed as soon as possible and referred, if appropriate, to the correct specialist.

“Whether it is you that has possible symptoms, a family member or friend, please don’t put off making an appointment with your GP practice. If cancer is confirmed earlier, a much wider range of treatment options can be available, and the body can respond better to treatment.”

To find out more about possible cancer symptoms go to


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