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Baking up a storm!

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By Fiona Reid
Baking up a storm!

IN homes around Dumfries and Galloway ovens are being turned up, aprons are being tied and people are going crazy for baking.

It has become one of the must do things of the lockdown and even those who have never baked before are trying their hands at everything from cakes and buns to scones, Yorkshire puddings and pies. And at the middle of it all a new group has been set up for keen bakers – ‘Baking Mad D&G’. In just a few weeks it has attracted over 1000 members of all ages and every day they post their creations, sometimes their fails and share recipes and ideas.

It was founded by Dorothy Fallon, of Annan. Explaining how it came about, she said: “Just over a week into the lockdown I baked on the Sunday, something I do not usually have time to do.

“I posted a photo of my banana loaf and chocolate sponge cake result onto Facebook and headed it ‘I am Baking Mad’. That was when I came up with the idea to start up a baking group.

“Not only is baking therapeutic, but it’s a great way to bring people together and make them feel part of a group and join together, whilst staying home staying safe at this very hard time.”

She has been delighted by the response and added: “There are lots of people living alone and they must feel truly isolated right now, so it is important they feel part of something. The group is also something that the children can become involved, everyone can share photos of their baking results, share their recipes, and be part of a group, so it’s a win win situation all round.”

Dorothy is keen to stress the group is for ‘amateur bakers like myself, avid bakers, professional bakers and children’. She said: “It is for everyone and it’s all good fun! Within the first week there was 500 members, and the group has just gone from strength to strength with over 1000 members up to date.

“Everyone seems to be enjoying it, and there is lots of wonderful baking being done, lots of us are learning from the more experienced and trying recipes for the first time, and the children have been great!

“I am just so pleased I have been able to contribute something to help bring the people of the communities together at these extraordinary times.”

Pictured above Alison Kirkpatrick, and below Emily Reid



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